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Sales & Marketing Manager (JPN Nationality) (求人番号:38100)

Sales & Marketing Manager (JPN Nationality)

  • シニアレベル
  • マネージャーレベル

Job Description
1. Survey market situations (including competitors) and new products and launch new products.
2. Build up partners and distributors and supervise activities of sales and marketing staff.
3. Make marketing plan and follow up action plans (inbound activities, advertisement, EXPO, and etc.).
4. Make brochure of each products in Japanese and English and set up selling prices of products.
5. Visit new and existing customers (Japanese or not Thai).
6. Inquire, negotiate, and arrange orders to overseas suppliers or in case person in charge is not Thai.
7. Make proposal for our offers (lighting simulation, ROI calculation, cash flow for investment, lease plan, and etc.).
8. Negotiate with customer and close deal and troubleshooting with customers and suppliers.

給与 65,000 〜 80,000 (THB) 職種 技術系(化学)/営業系/エンジニア系(電気)/エンジニア系(機械)
勤務地 タイ>バンコク 業界 メーカー(コンピューター・電子機器)/メーカー(自動車・機械)/メーカー(化学・食品・医薬)/メーカー(その他)/商社/コンサルティング


1. Male (Not less than 30 years).
2. Bachelor Degree or Master Degree in major marketing, sales or related.
3. Experience 5-10 years working in marketing and sales (engineering).
4. High Knowledge in engineering system (Air conditioning system, cooling system, chiller, boiler, solar cell, lighting system).
5. Good personality, good relationship, strong coordination, good presentation, team work.
6. Good communication in English language.
7. Positive attitude, open mind and services mind.
8. Able to work under pressure.
9. Able to operate PC in MS Office and E-mail.
10. Strong management, problem analysis and problem solving skill.
11. High level of leadership skill and interpersonal skills to work effectively with there.


Level 5 - Beginner Level




1. Bonus
2. Increase Salary
3. Annual Leave 6-8 days/year
4. Group Insurance (Life, Accident, Health)
5. Funeral Leave
6. Business Leave 5 days
7. Health Check up
8. Medical Fee 6,000/year
9. Dental Fee 2,000/year
10. Travel Fee
11. Scholarship
12. Gift Basket (Specific a patients in)
13. Gift Basket (Get maternity),
14. Uniform
15. Allowance at work site (regular)
16. Telephone Fee
17. Travel Expense, Mile Rate
18. Outing
19. New year party
20. Birthday party
21. Sports day
22. Training
23. Marriage Leave
24. Ordination Leave
25. Medical Loan
26. Overtime
27. Allowance (work on site not routinely)
28. Loan of Kiatnakin Bank
29. Official Holiday not less than 15 day
30. Safe Tool
31. Position Fee


Official Holiday not less than 15 day


8.00 〜 17.00

求人掲載元 Reeracoen Thailand